Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gold buyers and sellers

NAMC Worldwide arranges the private buying and selling of hallmark
Gold bullion,Non -hallmark Gold bullion and Gold Dust/Dore Bars in
any quantity above 1 matric Ton per Month.We work closely with
pribate Gold Bullion/Dust Buyers and sellers arranging transactions from
1 Metric Ton of Gold bullion/Dust and above per month.
Direct Buyers and Sellers can contact NAMC Worldwide to represent
them in any private commodity transaction,Gold,Platinum,Sugar,D2,
SLCO Grains and more...
We have representative in the following locations
New york
Los angeles
Las Vegas


Buyers of LBMA Hallmark Gold Bullion,Non-LBMA Hallmark
Gold Bullion and Gold Dust/Dors Bars in amounts of 1 Metric Ton and
above per month that desir to have NAMC Worldwide represent them in theirGold acquisition endeavors should contact NAMC Worldwide at 646-403-9972:We have the ability
to assist you in meeting your goals.


As we work with and in some cases represent major probate gold buyers and buying groups who
are very specific in their Standard Operational Procedures of SOP`s we do require for the following steps
to be taken once we have in our possession a signed NCND(Non Circumvent/Non Disclosure)Agreement,
and they as follows:
1)Full details of the owner of the gold-including contact details.This is required so the
buyers can undertake `due diligence`procedures which may include ensuring the gold
is not of criminal origin and is unencumbered.
2)Location of the Gold Bullion - so agents can do their due diligence.
3)Unsanitized Full Corporate offer Made Out to NAMC Worldwide:
describing all detail of the offer in full
4)Individual or Corporate documentation,Sellers Mandate or Legal Representative Papers a
We will only work with the End Seller,The sellers Mandate or the Official Legal Reprosentative of the Seller.
Daisy Chains of Brokers are not feasible as we need to work directly with the sellers legal
Representative/Mandate Papers if requested


Buyers should have the following information available to us prior to contacting NAMC:
1)proof of funds:documentation stating that funds are available to undertake a particular transaction and that
funds are of a non-criminal origin
2)Individual or Corporate documentation,Buyers Mandate or Legal Representatibe Papers a must
3)preparedness to issue Unsanitized Letter of Intent(LOI)
We will only work with the End Buyer,The Buyers Mandate or the Official Legal Representative of the Buyer.
Daisy Chains of Brokers are not feasible as we need to work directly with the Legal Reprsentative/Mandate or
End Buyer.
**Buyers Must Issue Their Request to NAMC Worldwide on Corpotate Letterhead**
All documentaion must be in in our possession and all of the above procedures must be complied with prior to ANY
documentation being forwarded to any of parties that NAMC is currently working with.
With that said,NAMC Worldwide has relationships with various respected Gold Bullion buyers and sellers worldwide.
We have the ability to bring interested parties together for a mutually beneficial transactions
Both Gold Buyers and Sellers,Their Mandates or Official Reprosentatives can contact NAMC Worldwide at 646-403-9972,toll free 888-463-9237 or

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  1. Great! Me and my bullion buyer was so excited to visit at least one location. Thanks for sharing!